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Why Affirmations Are a Simple Yet Powerful Practice

Why Affirmations Are a Simple Yet Powerful Practice

In our fast-paced, often stressful modern lives, it's easy to caught in a spiral of negative thought patterns and self-doubt. That's where affirmations come in - these positive statements can reprogram your mindset. They really work and you feel more confidence, gratitude and inner peace.

What Are Affirmations? 

Affirmations are simple phrases you repeat to yourself to challenge limiting beliefs and rewire negative thoughts. I like to say them out loud every morning, Affirmations can positively influence your thoughts, habits, and self-awareness over time.

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The Science Behind Affirmations

The practice may seem almost too simple to be effective, but science backs up the benefits of affirmations. Studies show that saying a self-affirmations can minimize stress, improve academic performance, and energy. Daily affirmations can even have positive effects physiological by disrupting unhealthy patterns in brain systems associated with threat, according to a study by David Creswell and Peter Kalush at UCLA (Creswell et al., 2013) who specifically studied how self-affirmations impact neural threat processing.

Why Do Affirmations work?

By purposefully focusing on what you want rather than what's weighing you down, affirmations essentially trick your brain into believing the stated affirmations are already true. Your mind doesn't fully distinguish between visualizing an experience and actually living it. So as you repeat empowering affirmations with love, your brain starts to look for and interpret situations as proof that the affirmations are reality.

Before long, you start noticing more examples lining up with your affirmation statements - whether it's feeling more confident, attracting abundance, or whatever you're affirming. This is because your brain's activating system has been programmed to look for for those specific experiences and opportunities that confirm the affirmations are materializing. Very soon you begin living that new reality.

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Self Motivating 

Routinely voicing affirmations can create an upward spiral boosting your motivation and desire to make choices aligning with your stated intentions. They encourage you to take actions carrying things forward.

Affirmations don't need to be complicated - in fact, simple is usually better when first starting out. An affirmation as basic as "I am calm and grounded" can be transformative if it's one you struggle with internally.

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You can always upgrade your affirmations from changing self-limiting beliefs to anchoring in your bigger dreams and goals like "I am opening myself to new opportunities daily."

To share the love, here's a free downloadable list of 48 affirmations to jumpstart your daily practice!

This simple exercise only takes a few minutes each day. Simple say it first thing after waking and repeat  least once more before bed. Let the words sink in, envisioning their truth becoming realized. 

I have one pasted to my bathroom mirror.

Start making affirmations a daily ritual and you will be amazed by their powerful effects. After all, isn't it worth taking a few moments to reprogram your mindset for more positivity, empowerment and inner peace?

Download the free 48 Affirmations printable here to begin your transformative journey! 48 AFFIRMATIONS



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