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December Subscription Box - Self Care and Good Habits Unboxing - GIVING

The Holidays bring more attention to the act of giving.
We focused this month on ways to give. writing a check is always great! A little money can really help so many. We donate to 100 Women Who Care, making a little money grow quickly. There are so many other ways to give. One of our good habits club member, Karen Hunter spoke about unique ways to give like sharing a smile - a small-town fave... Letting a car go in front of you, and spending time volunteering at the local food shelter or charity. 
We are also working on gifting ourselves grace. Grace is defined as the exercise of love, kindness, mercy, favor, disposition to benefit or serve another. 
We love December and this month's box we were able to share with so many women.
Peppermint Candy Cane Handmade Soap. Everyone received 2 bars, one to give! 
peppermint candy cane soap
Cozy Winter Socks
and a handmade oyster shell ornament!

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Self Care - Self Love - DIY - Gift Ideas - Unboxing

Self Care - Self Love - DIY - Gift Ideas - Unboxing

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