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What is the Good Habits Club?

What is the Good Habits Club?

We help busy women grow towards her best self by incorporating healthy habits into daily life. The results are big, the work is minimal and you feel amazing.

We get it. But it isn't another to do, after a month of little steps, you will look back and think WOW! I really did do this, and it was easy.

We set a goal every month in the group. The goal includes ways to incorporate a healthy habit into life. We include tips, giveaways, and expert interviews and laughs. This past month we focussed on drinking more water. Everyone felt the benefits early, and we learned so much about water. Currently we are kicking the sugar's been a little quiet, but sugar can be highly addictive. 

What have ya got to lose? The box has good vibes, and like attracts like.

At Smalltown Table we changed our self care subscription box to include The Good Habits Club. The monthly box includes our all natural bath and body products, but we added  wellness tools to help tackle and enjoy adding healthy habits. The entire is themed together to feel luxe and healthy.

Check out the Box 

Want one delivered to your door every month? Try our subscription box at the Fall Rate of just $25. (It won't ever be this low again...)

We ship from Headquarters by the 5th of the month. It is fun and easy.

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