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July 2021 Box Reveal - Hello Gorgeous - Self Care for Women who are a Level Up

July 2021 Box Reveal - Hello Gorgeous - Self Care for Women who are a Level Up


If you are leveling up your game, then our box is one the most important thing that you can do for yourself. Check out the full-reveal of the June 2021 box with over $180+ worth of goodies that feed your body, mind, and soul!

 Pink Champagne candle Chickidee Pink Champagne Candle A stunning Pink Champagne scented soy candle. Infuses the air with fresh rose petals and notes of blonde woods and white musk.

cloth napkins subscription boxdot and army seer sucker cloth napkins

Dot & Army 4 Pack Seersucker cloth napkins bring a cheerful and light vibe to a table! Either casual or dressed up, these napkins add a pop of color. One of our consistent best sellers because of their easy care and ability to add multiple colors, for a great mix and match of seersucker! 

These are so easy to care for! Simply regular wash and dry, no ironing needed!

jade facial rollerOur Jade Roller supports lymphatic drainage to reduce the appearance of puffiness, and wrinkles. It feels so good and you look more glowing and less puffy.  Keep it in the fridge and give yourself a facial massage before bed or add to your morning routine.

honey sugar scrub

Honey Oatmeal Milk Sugar Scrub Our Scrub is coming out in the Fall. Subscribers get them before anyone else. A hometown Oyster Shell scoop included. Results in Yummy, Glowing Skin.

Honey oatmeal milk soap bar

Every subscription comes with a bar of soap. This month is the customer fave. Our handmade Oatmeal Milk & Honey Soap has a warm, cozy and delicious scent. So many benefits for your skin, and you smell sooooo good,

Body Butter

To complete the package we added Body Butter, of course scented with Honey, Oatmeal Milk! Our lotion is contains No synthetic fragrance, color, parabens, or sulfates. 

Hello Gorgeous 8x10

We included an 8x10 of the June theme! Why are we so into hanging up signs like this? It's basically a statement affirming your beliefs about yourself and the world. Your unconscious mind begins to work on your affirmation, immediately. That's how we keep leveling up.


We love y'all!



Love this! My favorite time of the month