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Body Butter All Natural Lotion Moisturizing Cream

4 oz lavender body butter

 Body Butter

Choose your scent:

  • Honey + Milk

  • Lavender

  • Angel

Achieve spa-like results right at home by applying our revitalizing body lotion with an infusion of essential oils to your skin after a shower. Uplifting and calming, our rich blend of shea butter absorbs quickly into the skin to impart moisture and nourishment.

Use daily to rejuvenate dull or dry skin.

Give your skin the care it deserves. Our ultra rich body butters provides deep moisture, restores and rejuvenates dry and dull skin and to provide a natural defense against different seasons. Hydrogenated vegetable oils, protect and keep your skin soft as nature intended. Feel confident in your skin even during the coldest days of the year by using our rich body lotion.

4 oz lavender body butter