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Our Sudscription

Choose the Handmade Soap and Blend Package, or just the soap! Monthly themed packages, made with the purest ingredients.

Blends are a surprise every month. Some are made for your home or car diffuser, some blends for your body with a roller ball or spray.

Everyone loves getting packages in the mail. A monthly soap gift is an easy way to sample the best handmade soap, and to include a blend puts this gift over the top. Budget friendly because everyone can afford clean self care items.

This is easily the perfect gift for women. Housewarming, showers, or just because. Sending a soap & blend of the month club subscription is a gift that they know you put time and effort into. It is a small luxury gift that everyone needs, wants and loves.

A great gift Idea that makes every month feel like Christmas!

Every month includes surprise samples, contests and affirmation cards. Affirmation cards work alongside our free community - The Good Habits Club - adds a healthy habit to your daily routine in small doses. Before you know it, you're done!

  • A 4oz Soap Bar
  • Essential Oil Blend or Essential Oil Spray
  • Collectible Affirmation Cards
  • Secret Subscriber Only Sales

Premium quality ingredients create premium products


Our budget friendly subscription is a fun arrival at your door. We always exceed expectations.

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