Classic Snack Box – 50 Delicious Fun Snacks


Each box contains 50 single-serve snacks.

Your custom box includes unique and new premium snacks.

Get bars, chips, jerky, granola, trail mix, dried fruit, and more.


Classic Snack Box Delivery

50 Delicious Fun Snacks

A Variety of fun snacks, with something for everyone!

Our April Box included:

3-5 Packs:

  • Premium Protein Bars

  • Trail Mix

  • Pop Chips

  • Fig Bars

  • Beef Jerk

  • Oreo Cookies

  • m&m Cookies

  • Crackers

  • Nature Valley Bars

  • Sunflower Seeds

  • Truffles

  • Almonds

No contract required.

Transparent pricing.

Free shipping.

Stay as long as you want.

Cancel anytime.


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