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 The Gluten-Free Monthly Snack Box $39.95

A healthy box filled with 10+ gluten free snacks every month.

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Gluten Free
Every snack is 100% Gluten free.


The Keto Box $39.99

A Ketogenic care package includes 10+ snacks delivered every month. Less then then 5 Net Carbs allows you to enjoy snacks minus the guilt!

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Get your Ketones on!


Healthy Snacks Care Package 34.95

Each month, we pack up 10-15 goodies perfect on-the-go snacking.

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50 Dolla Healthy
Clean eating snacks


Ultimate Classic Variety Snack Box

20 or more of your favorite snacks, every month!

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So many different snacks!


Sweet Treats Box

A box full12+ indulgent candies & chocolate bars delivered monthly to your door.


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