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FASCINATING FACTS ABOUT SMILING “Laughter is the best medicine.” You’ve probably experienced the benefits of smiling and laughter. But did you know that the simple act of smiling can boost your mood and even your immune system? WHY SMILE? When our smiling muscles contract, they fire a signal back to the brain, stimulating our reward system, and further increasing our level of […]

Snacks For Workday Energy

Angie and Lori are committed to sourcing hand-picked products, curated with love and a smile. Smalltown Table works with over 250 brands, and keeps growing monthly.We’ve put together a list of Snack Brands with quality that never fails. Protein Bars: Kind, Quest, Lara, Luna, Nature Valley, Rx, Bulletproof, Clif, Go Macro Nuts & Trail Mix: […]

Are you drinking enough water?

Am I drinking enough water? Seems like an easy answer… Just drink. Sometimes, we at Smalltown Table get so involved with a project and realize, we haven’t had anything since morning coffee. Drink Up. Just breathing, sweating, and going potty use water everyday. You need to replenish water daily by consuming beverages and foods that contain water. So how much […]