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Keep Up Your Self-Care Routine As The Pandemic Continues

Keep Up Your Self-Care Routine As The Pandemic Continues

If you are not well, you can’t take care of others. Self-care means putting yourself first. It is not a selfish concept, but a necessary one. You can't fill anyone's cup if yours is empty. Dr. Kristen Neff is a pioneer in self-compassion research, she says that self-compassion involves self-kindness and self-awareness. This means recognizing and accepting negative feelings as well as positive ones. Another way to say this is that self-compassion means recognizing and accepting our own humanness—which means, by definition, that we are not perfect. Dr. Neff says,"The great angst of modern life is this: No matter how hard we try, no matter how successful we are, no matter how good a parent, worker, or spouse we are—it’s never enough. There is always someone richer, thinner, smarter, or more powerful than we are, someone who makes us feel like a failure in comparison."  

We can feel better if we just take 10 minutes a day to practice self-kindness. But don't beat yourself up because you aren't taking a time out for yourself! Just accept your imperfections, and take a few deep breaths everyday. If we can a little more self compassion into life, it helps to prevent burnout, and you can live in the moment.

The benefits of self care extend to your family and friends. When you have good energy, and feel great those around absorb your spirit. 



Top 6 Benefits Of Self Care
  • Better productivity: Just say no to things that no longer serve you. Life slows down in a magical way. You can live in the moment and enjoy the small things,
  • Improved Immune System: It is like a workout for you to fight disease. A restful and rejuvenated body is ready to fight germs.
  • Improved Fitness: Less stress and a better immune system can surely help you feel more physically able and strong inside and out. If you workout hard, your muscles need rest. Muscles literally cannot recover, and you will plateau if you just keep pushing through everyday.
  • Higher self-esteem: Send yourself a positive message. Your subconscious feels it, and your entire self improves. Treat yourself like somebody you love.
  • Learn more about YOU. Practicing self-care requires thinking about what you really love to do. Find out what you are passionate about. Self discover is a game changer!
  • More to give. You might think you’re being selfish, but that is far from the truth.Self-care helps you become more compassionate. Keep filling up your own cup; you can’t fill someone else’s if you don’t have enough of your own!



5 Types of Self Care
  • Sensory : Being in the present moment. Feeling the grass beneath your feet, a cool breeze, a cozy blanket. Let go of the past, and anxiety about the future. The lyrics in one of my favorite Van Halen songs says;
EC Book to teach you how to maintain emotional control

    • Physical: Physical fitness is a sure way to feel better. Go for a walk. Try yoga. Get enough sleep. Drink water. Smile. The Beach Body App is an easy, inexpensive way to incorporate all kinds of fitness into your routine. Especially if you are stuck at home during quarantine.

    • Social: You are not alone! Choose to do things with people who really make you feel good.

    Let's all try and do a little more for ourselves.


    Here are 10 Simple Ideas for Soothing Self Care
    1. Meditate.
    2. Put on your favorite music and dance or sing or both.
    3. Take 5 deep, calming breaths.
    4. Write in a journal.
    5. Make a vision board. Dream big!
    6. Take a short walk around the block.
    7. Give yourself a gentle hand massage with a scented lotion.
    8. Savor a warm cup of your favorite tea or coffee.
    9. Light a scented candle and just sit for a few minutes.
    10. Take a bath with bath salts or oils.



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