The hunt for liquid soaps and sanitizers remain elusive, but what about bar soaps?

Doctors say they're just as effective or better.

Many people think using harsh soap is the best way to kill bad germs and bacteria. Lately, it has been tough to find antibacterial liquid soaps or sanitizers in the store. Luckily, solid bar soap has been available. Many doctors are using handmade bar soaps to wash their hands."You don’t need antibacterial soap to remove COVID-19 from your skin, regular soap is great." says Dr. Andrew Pavia, Chief, Infectious Diseases at the University of Utah.

How does soap work?

Soap loosens bacteria and viruses from your hands, which is washes them away. Using soap instead of rinsing with only water encourages you to wash longer. Soap doesn't kill the bacteria and viruses, but it helps lift them from your skin to rinse away. The FDA says that harsh chemicals may end up exposing you to the germs in the environment. There are not benefits to using harsh chemicals.
Dr. Pavia explains, “By washing your hands with soap and water, you’re removing the virus. And if it’s not on your skin, it’s not going to get inside of you.”“Soap and water are better because, at the end, the water rinses away all the dead stuff."While sanitizers can destroy bacteria and viruses, those pathogens don’t go anywhere unless they’re rinsed away.Soap and water is the preferred for washing your hands and good hygiene, over hand sanitizers.Hand sanitizer is a better ‘Plan B’ compared to washing with bar soap and warm water. Doctors recommend that if soap and water are not available, use hand sanitizers that are at least 60 percent alcohol.
So, why then is bar soap in a relatively available supply?“It seems to be a very psychological thing, said Dr. Tiffany Wells at River City OB-GYN.“People have gotten used to soap in containers,” she said, hinting at habit and convenience. “Being at home, using a bar of soap is perfectly effective, reasonable, and less expensive,” Dr. Wells said, “Also, less use of plastic.”

Why is handmade bar soap so good?

Natural soap is as effective as commercial soap, without harsh ingredients. While it might cost more, the long-term benefits for your family and the planet far outweigh the price.
Handmade soap also contains glycerin. Glycerin is a humectant that attracts moisture from the air to the skin. Some commercial soaps remove the glycerin from the bars and sell it to make lotions and creams. Organic soaps have pure ingredients, and help moisturize your hands,