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Can Sugar Make You Healthy?

Can Sugar Make You Healthy?

Finally, a way that makes sugar healthy! 

We wanted to share some sugar scrub recipes to make at home.
They are all an easy, fun, inexpensive way to glowing skin. 

What is in a sugar scrub? A sugar scrub can remove the outermost layer of dead skin cells, without causing pain. A sugar scrub is an especially good choice if your skin is extremely sensitive. Salt scrubs tend to be more abrasive. A scrub is made combining simple sugar and fruit oil. (Fruit oils include coconut, olive, grapeseed oil, and jojoba oil.)
The best part of making a scrub yourself, is that you know what’s in there. Exfoliating with a sugar scrub can help create the appearance of smoother, glowing skin.

Who can use them? Anyone! A sugar scrub is ideal for “stimulating and increasing blood circulation” for a healthy glow.
If you have sensitive skin be sure to test a small area before using on your entire body.

The Benefits of Sugar Scrubs:

  • We love that we can pamper ourselves with natural ingredients at an extremely inexpensive cost.
  • Sugar scrubs brighten tired, dull-looking skin to promote healthy, smooth, and flawless skin.
  • Anti-aging by removing impurities from the skin and clear the pores from clogging up. Sugar is naturally a humectant, while the oil seals in the moisture.
  • To help free ingrown hairs, you can use a sugar scrub in a circular motion, which is less abrasive than a back and forth movement on your skin.
  • Great gift idea! Put it in a mason jar, add a gift tag, it is now a gorgeous thoughtful gift.

How to use a scrub? First wet your skin with warm water to soften your skin and prepare it for exfoliation. A good rule of thumb is to soak in the tub or stand under the shower for 5 to 10 minutes before you begin scrubbing. Wash your skin before you scrub to remove sweat, dirt, and makeup to avoid pushing further into the skin. Next, using gentle pressure, rub the sugar scrub into your skin in a circular motion using the pads of your fingers. This removes dead skin, and stimulates collagen. Start at the top of your body and work down to your feet. Now simply rinse with warm water. Towel dry and use lotion. Just add this to your routine once or twice a week. Sugar scrubs shouldn’t be part of your daily beauty routine.



Whipped Coconut Sugar Scrub is so yummy, you could eat it! But we suggest keeping it on your skin. You will be glowing!

Simply combine 1 cup of warm coconut oil (liquid state) and 1 cup of white sugar. Use mixer to blend until it whips up smooth. Rub on your skin before shower, shower off and enjoy your dewy moist skin. Store in an airtight jar.


Many people love lavender essential oil. It is a clean, relaxing perfect scent. To make a lavender sugar scrub we like using sugar and Epsom Salt. The Epsom Salt helps exfoliate, while the sugar softens and keeps you sweet. This recipe uses 2/3 cup white sugar, 2 cups Epsom Salt, 1/3 olive oil (or coconut, or any favorite) 20 drops of pure, premium lavender oil. Combine using mixer and stir in an airtight jar.Us a mason jar, add a ribbon and give it as a gift to your bestie!


Rise and shine! Feeling groggy? Grab your coffee scrub and hit the shower. This is the perfect scrub for anyone who enjoys coffee, or just how it smells! The caffeine in the coffee can add some wonderful benefits.

Here are 8 skin benefits of using your homemade coffee scrub

  • Reduces inflammation
  • Improves blood circulation
  • Gives your skin a youthful, radiant glow
  • Remove dead skin cells
  • Reduce puffiness
  • Improves skin's texture
  • Reduces the appearance of cellulite
  • Wakes you up!

To make a coffee scrub simply combine 1 cup ground coffee, 1/2 cup coconut oil, 1/2 brown sugar Store in a jar and keep by the shower.


Making this scrub is fun, just add a squeeze of sunshine. Take 1/2 cup each granulated sugar, and coconut oil. Add lemon essential oil. Combine with mixer. It is a little jar of sunshine.

and remember...


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