Snack Smarter at Work: Make Meals Out Of Snacks

Angie Fedisin April 2019

The right snacks will give you the energy you need to get through the day. Some days there are reasons we forget lunch…time and stress are always big players. But fueling yourself every few hours will help you avoid overeating later when you are home.


Try to dine on snacks with carbs, protein and fat.

It’s all about balance

Here are some snack ideas you can do “real quick”. (more about “real quick” another day…)

  • Apple (fruit) and nut butter

  • Kind bars, Quest bars, Lara, Luna (we keep them around and they are in many of our snack boxes)

  • Moon Cheese

  • Nut and seeds are always a great pick me up.  Grab yogurt, granola have a parfait! 

  • Crackers, Peanut butter and or cheese.

  • Jerky

  • Trail Mix

  • Dark chocolate

So many ideas…combine snacks and keep yourself fueled.

Snack on Snackers

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Snack Smarter at Work: Make Meals Out Of Snacks

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