What Exactly is FAFSA and Why Should I Care?

FAFSA is the Free Application for Federal Student Aid.  It is completely FREE to fill out and it is the first step in getting financial aid for college.  *High school Seniors, apply for this even if you haven’t applied for college.

WHY it’s important to fill out FAFSA early?

When applying for scholarships, you may often find that filling out a FAFSA form is a requirement to be able to submit for other scholarships.  It’s best to get this one done early and lay the foundation for applying to other scholarships as they become available.

WHO?  Seniors in high school and current college students, you need to fill out the FAFSA EVERY year.

Head to FAFSA.gov to start getting familiar with all things scholarships and financial aid.

*NEW!  You can now apply with the FAFSA app.  Search for it in the App store myStudentAid iOS & Android.

WHEN?  Get your application in early and avoid missing out on any scholarships due to missed or late deadlines.

Deadlines can vary state to state and college to college.  Check out this FAFSA document for more details on deadlines in your state and be sure to check out specific college websites for their deadlines as well.

Don’t procrastinate.  FAFSA should only take about 30 minutes to fill out.

Get together all the documents and information you need to make filing out the application so much easier.  Click below to find out what you need.  You Got This!

Everything you need


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What Exactly is FAFSA and Why Should I Care?

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