Treat yo-self

October 13th is the official day and Urban dictionary defines Treat yo self as:
A term that originated in popular NBC television show Parks and Recreation, when Tom and Donna two financially self destructive adults that work in the Parks and Rec. Department of Pawnee, Indiana decide to spend an entire day pampering and spoiling themselves. However in the process end up destroying their bank accounts.
“Once a year Donna and I spend a day treating ourselves. What do we treat ourselves to?”
“Clothes” “Treat Yo Self”“Fragrances” “Treat Yo Self”
“Massages” “Treat Yo Self”
“Mimosas” “Treat Yo Self”
“Fine leather goods” “Treat Yo Self”

Self-care is just as important as work goals, financial achievements, fitness pr’s, and meeting your own high expectations.  A big mistake us moms make, is putting ourselves last.  The excuse, I just don’t have enough time just isn’t gonna cut it anymore.  One thing  in the world that is equal, is time, we all have the exact amount of time in a day.  So I am putting some 5 minute self-cares into my daily routine, instead of working myself until I am exhausted with a sore throat and cannot move.  Now mind you, yes a massage and pedicure I really need, but they can take up a lot of time and might not always be in the budget…These I am taking action on immedualyy.  Everyday!

  1.  Sit and look at the sky
  2. Walk just to breathe
  3. Airplane mode-for one hour in the evening, when the kids are home.
  4. 5 Minute dance and sing
  5. Stretch and/or foam roll
  6. Grateful notebook
  7. Color
  8. Plan something for just me that week or month…treat yo self

*You are the only you ya got.

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Treat yo-self

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