Mid-Term Success

5 Ways to Help Your College Student Relieve

Mid-Term Stress

Yeah, they’re out there on their own now and adjusting to college life, finding their way around campus, settling in nicely and then here they come….Mid-Term Exams.  You can’t take the exams for them (whew!) but what can you do to help them?

Dear College Student,

Here are a few reminders to help manage stress and anxiety levels during exam time.

  • Seek Help.  Many colleges and universities have programs set up to help you learn and study successfully.  A lot of high school kids go off to college without these study skills, but the resources are out there, so check out the college and see what they have to offer.  Seek out and ask your professors or teaching assistants for those resources as well.
  • Get Outside.  Studying and cramming for long periods of time can often be counter-productive.  Take a brain break, put down the books for 15-20 minutes and go for a short brisk walk, breathe in the air, move your body, stretch, jog, meditate, breathe.  These short breaks help clear your mind and get you focused.
  • Sleep.  Sounds obvious, I know.  But lots of students underestimate the power of good sleep.  Cramming and staying up all night before a test are probably not going to help you ace that test.  Your brain and your body need that rest to perform your best, and think clearly when it counts.
  • Don’t Procrastinate. Yes that new Netflix season was just released and it’s calling your name, but try to plan your day out.  Allocate the time you think you need to study, relax, hang with friends, study again, eat and sleep and take short breaks.  Having a plan for your day will help things run that much more smoothly and you won’t find yourself at midnight wondering how the whole day just got away from you.
  • Study with Friends.  Collaborating in a study group or working side-by-side in silence, having other students to study with can help keep you focused.  Ask around in your class, in your dorm or check in with your professor or TA if you’re looking for a group to join.
  • Brain Food. Hunger will challenge your concentration.  Don’t go into those exams on an empty stomach.  Feed your body healthy food and drink plenty of water for hydration.

Now get out there and ace those exams, we know you can do it!


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Mid-Term Success

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