So your child is off to college and on their own and now you need to navigate a new normal of communicating with your child, while allowing their independence.

Here are some tips for staying connected and keeping your sanity.

  • EMAIL  We all use it.  If you have more to say than would be well-received in a simple text, send an email.  It also allows your student to respond when his or her schedule allows.
  • SEND A CARD   A simple gesture that goes a long way.  Sending a card or a small note in the mail will put a smile on any students face
  • PARENT PORTAL  Many colleges have a section on their website just for parents.  Check it out, they have lots of great resources and helps keep you informed about what’s happening on campus.
  • CARE PACKAGES  Send a care package with their favorite snacks.  It’s always good for students to have a quick snack handy for on the go.  And let’s face it, they’re always on the go.
  • SNAPCHAT   That’s right.  They use it, so get on their playing field.  It’s easy for them to do it, and you get “proof of life”.  It’s a lifesaver and really sets your mind at ease seeing their smiling face.  Just don’t send them every hour.
  • PARENT’S WEEKEND  A great time to visit and meet their friends and other parents just like you.  You don’t have to do every activity on the agenda, but it’s a great time to visit and see their environment now that they’re settled in.  Allow some free time off the schedule to do or go somewhere that they enjoy.
  • JUST BE THERE  College is a big adjustment and can be frustrating and stressful for many students.  Let them know that you are there for whatever they need.  They’re figuring out a lot on their own now.  They may be seeking advice, or they may just need someone to vent to.  Listen carefully.


Lori and Angie, SmallTown Table

Moms of current and future college-bound kids, and producers of fun and healthy care packages for college kids.

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