Language Arts for Parents

Kids have their own lingo, and it’s just part of growing up and being individual. Parents can drop a few words here and there, but Moms and Dads, don’t try to be hip…its like asking our kids to wear mom jeans. Teens just want ownership.

Here’s a little heads up on a few words and acronyms, some might raise a red flag, and some are just “groovy”, “fresh” or “mint”.  Just please don’t MOS…Mom over shoulder. 

AMOSC = Add me on Snapchat

Beef = Disagreement

Boogers = Snorting Adderall or Ritalin

BRB = Be right back

Bruh = Bro, brother

Captain Cody = Codeine with Tylenol

CD9 = Parents are near by

Clout Chaser = somebody trying to be more popular

Clout Demon = a wannabe

Curve = Reject somebody romantically

Dead A = Completely honest

Dead = Overwhelmed, exhausted

Dime = Attractiveness rating 10/10

Dip = Let’s go

Dope = Cool

Drip = Flashy

F2F = face to face meeting

Finna = going to do it

Finsta = Fake Instagram account

Fleeky = Amazing

GNOC = Get naked on camera

GOAT = Greatest of all time

High-Key = wanting everyone to know something

Hit a lick = steal something

Hundo P = 100% confirmation

It’s lit = awesome, great

Juice = respect, or Alcohol/Drugs

KOTL = Kiss on the lips

Key/Major Key = Essential, important

Kickback = Hangout, get together

Lean = Intoxicating Drink made of soda and cough syrup

POA = Plan of Action

Pods = Disposable cartridge for nicotine vaporizer

Rn = Right now

Shade = Trash talk

Sips tea = Mind your own business

Skeet = Let’s go

Smash = Hook up with, have sex

Sus = Something is suspicious

TBH = To be honest

Tea = Gossip

Throw Shade = talking badly about a person

Tweaking = High on drugs

Wig = Unexpected good thing happens

Yeet = Express excitement

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